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After Sam Lafoca from Mercedes Benz Temecula refused to service my Sprinter because I said I would file a complaint about his lousy and fraudulent service, I contacted Mercedes Benz of Escondido. I tried to make an appointment for an oil change. 

I called them and left a message numerous times, but nobody called me back for a week. I gave up and went to Mercedes Benz San Diego to do it.

I returned to Mercedes Benz of Escondido when I was ready to buy a new Sprinter, and here the circus began. They sold me a defective van with the fuel gauge and dashboard not working correctly, which I noticed after a few days, and when I asked them to fix it, they told me it was my problem. I didn't see it and but. They tried maneuvering me into Lemon Law, so I gave them two weeks for a refund or to go to court. 

They had no choice, and I returned the van and got a refund. The manager was angry, especially when the door fell off the truck when I took my staff. What a garage dealership.

After my bad experience with Mercedes Benz of Temecula and Escondido, I started servicing my Sprinter at Mercedes Benz San Diego. The first visit went okay; I spent more than 2k on inspection, AC, brakes, and other items. The brakes worked okay, but AC did not, and I was driving in the 90-95 Fahrenheit outside heat for a while. When I returned to take care of the problems, I was told that the AC pump had to be replaced and some noise in the differential fixed, both items about $900.00. I drove for a few months. The noise was still there, and AC stopped working again as soon as freon went low due to a leak.


I went back and complained about it complain and got a refund, but they refused to do it. I learned that they didn't replace the AC pump, only add freon only, and they didn’t fix the differential because a mechanic had a day off. They only replaced the differential cover “to check if the fluid was the Mercedes brand”. What kind of idiots are they? The plug is for this purpose. 

I stopped using them, posted a negative review on YELP, and let it go. Nobody bothers to contact me and solve the problem. I will take them to court for fraud and elderly abuse.


I have a mechanic in Laguna Woods. He serviced my vans for 15 years when I lived in Orange County. Now I prefer to drive 60 miles to Laguna Woods than to deal with those crooks from Mercedes Benz of Temecula or Mercedes Benz of San Diego.

While distributing my fliers in the San Diego area, I talked to some Mercedes Benz owners, and they told me they already moved servicing their cars to El Cajon after being ripped off by MB San Diego Service Department. El Cajon phone # 888-837-5892

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