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1. Sprinter 2015 has a small light at the front fender. I asked Sam to replacethe bulb, the nickel size, and he charged me $200.00. Shortly

    before then he charged me $15.00-$20.00. For my complaint, he said, "Sorry, Stan, everything got more expensive because of this



2. He missed replacing transmission and differential fluid. The transmission started slipping, and the differential started making noise. To            repair them now it would cost me about $5,000.00. A negligence or an intentional doing to fabricate expensive repairs later.


3. I never asked Lafoca for a window washer refill; he did it anyway and charged $200.00.


4. He created engine noise by putting something into the fan and letting me drive for over 10,000 miles. When I complained, he said,

    "It happens to engines when they get older." He was preparing the van for the engine repair. I said, "Fix this noise, or I will file a complaint.        He took the van t the shop, and miraculously, when he brought it back, the noise disappeared.


5. Now, I'm not sure if he replaced parts in the exhaust repair (fraudulent), in the recall exhaust repair (also fraudulent), and in the warranty        repair (also fraudulent). asked MB of Temecula three times for the lists of the parts they installed but they never responded. Interesting???


6. Lafoca did a fraudulent exhaust repair and charged me $3,842.00. Then he claimed repair under the recall, double fraud. On 09.01.2023,         the exhaust stopped working with the same symptoms, and my van got stranded again. I must file a claim under the recall warranty to get     it running.


The investigation by the DA and FBI and a civil lawsuit will clarify everything.


Thanks to Lafoca's disservice, I must repair the transmission, differential, and exhaust system for about $9,000.00; approximately $5,000.00 will be my out-of-pocket money, and roughly $4,000.00 will be paid by recall warranty.


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